Saturday, February 13, 2010

How We Missed Calls From Our Navy Friends: or Why You should Call a Place In Advance To See if they Are Open

We had nothing to do today, so we decided to go to New Almaden, an abandoned Quicksilver Mine just south of San Jose. Well, one should check to see if the museum is opened, because we did not. It turns out that the museum is being renovated, and not open until the summer. There is a large County Park where the mines for the quicksilver are (were?) located, and there is even a tunnel to go through. We did not bring water, however, so we just walked around for a bit, and took some pictures.

French Monica (Monique).

The little creek that ran beside the Park.

There was a sizable population here around the turn of the 20th century. This church was built by a woman whose son went off to fight in the Spanish-American War. She promised to have this Church built if her son came back alive from the war. The Church seems to be still used, although it does not belong to the Diocese.

Casual Elizabeth. Might make a good picture according to Mom if she had worn a better shirt. Again, failure to plan.

Overall, we would like to go again and go hiking in the park, and take some more pictures!

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