Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beware Of Driving Vans In Northern California

In the words of our children, "Who broke it?"

When coming back from Washington State in 2005, we were in Lakehead up by Shasta Lake when our old van broke. You can see what led up to that here. We were trying to make a St. Patrick's party that our friend Pedro was having in Sacramento. This is the same Pedro who just became a Secular Carmelite.

Previously, our old van had the Transaxle fail back in 2005.

5 years later, we come ot Sacramento, again to visit Pedro, and the latest iteration of transportation breaks down. This time while going to a well known Ice Creamery in Sacramento, when the van would not start up.

The problem was determined to be the Alternator and the Battery. So the Mendozas are back on the Central Coast, but the van is still in Sacramento.

How did we get back?

Well, our friend Pedro used his car and his Fiance's to drive us all the way back home, spending the night with us. He then drove her car back, and lent us his for a few days. We then drove his car back to Sacramento last week. Since then, we have been lent vehicles by various people.

The Mendozas would like to thank all those people who drove us around and lent us their cars. We truly appreciate it, and thank God for you!

So now the question is, shold we be afraid of driving in Northen California, or of visiting Pedro?

We'll be seeing you at the end of the week, Blue Van!

Rite Of Admission To The Secular Carmelite Order

Last weekend, a good friend of ours underwent the Rite of Admission into the Secular Carmelite Order, making his temporary promises and entering the first stages of his formation. He also received his Scapular.

The Rite of Admission took place at St. Mary's Church in the City of Sacramento. The temperature was slightly less than in Hades, but with a bit less humidity.

There is a beautiful statue of Our Lady here.

After having made his promises, he receives his Scapular.

There were a couple of women who were also making their vows into the Order.
Scapular envy.
Congratulations, Pedro, on becoming a Secular Carmelite!
It was an otherwise boring day in Sacramento.
Or was it?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

California Rodeo, 2010

The California Rodeo happens every third week in July in Salinas, California. Here are some images from Opening Night.

Parade of Horses.

Doves released after the singing of the National Anthem.

Bull rider.

Calf roping.

Amazing they get out of the gate at all.

There was an act that came out with actual Bison. You can see how large they are compared with the people on horseback.

Women's Barrel Racing. These women could wind their way around three barrels in less than 20 seconds!

Every once in a while, music would be played in between the action. One of the songs played was "YMCA," to get people up on their feet. Here, the Mendoza's make their pitiful attempt at the YMCA Dance. At least they are having a better time than Jose there in the front. Perhaps he is dreaming of being an Aztec Warrior, holding a lady in his arms in front of Popcatepetl.

Yet another band playing into the night.

Here is a panorama shot of the Sports Complex from earlier in the day.

Every Mexican Man's Self Image...

After two beers. Or maybe one. Some with no beers whatsoever.

Server Discipline At Mission San Juan Bautista...

is harsh, swift, and severe.

MC: "Please say your Confiteor...."

Servers: "Confiteor deus..."

MC: "That's DEO, you insolent pup!"

Servers: "Please, Sir!"

MC: "You'll pay for your inattention!"

No Servers were harmed in the making of this small photo essay. Except for the two pictured.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ulysses Sighting. June 2010

Could it be...? Let's take a look.

Okay, this truck appears to be red and tough like Ulysses' truck.

Don't remember all the stripes. Looks like he got a custom paint job.


While this truck appears to be huge and red, it is probably not him. First, his truck does not have the stripes. Second, it looks too small to fit people in.

Third, if you look carefully at the picture below, you can see that this is a Chevy, not a Toyota Tacoma.

Well, it looks like we flopped again, but tune in soon for another edition of….

Ulysses Sighting!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!