Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kramer Sighting of the Week!: November 25th, 2009

They've been spotted again!

This time is was our youngest son who spotted those elusive Kramers. They've been telling people on FB that they have moved, but even Eddie admits that they don't update their contact information. Ever.

So let us take a look at the latest Kramer sighting.

This took place in our Bedroom, right on the bed.

Believability Rating: 0.05% First of all, The color isn't quite right. A grey roof and red windows. Secondly, it doesn't look as big as the Kramer van. Third, it is cleaner than the Kramer van, (with no strange smells) And finally it appears to be made from Legos. While one of those little guys in the background is bald like Eddie, he also is made of plastic.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Images of Volin (and Flute) Recital

Tuning their instruments.

Getting ready, right before the Recital.

Elizabeth was up first.

Nicholas performing with his Instructor, Stephanie Brown.

All three of them together!

Watching other performances.

Applause for one of the performers.

The serious side of Nicholas.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Violin and Flute Recital, Fall 2009

Here are videos of the Mendoza kid's Violin and Flute Recital on Sunday November 15th, 2009. This marks Nicholas' and Elizabeth's third recital, and Monica's first. First up is Elizabeth, with Katie's Waltz.

Next was Nicholas with Off To Paris!

Finally, all of the kids, with Monica, with Lightly Row

The Recital took place in Carmel. Then it was off to the Mission to assist at Holy Mass.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kramer Sighting of the Week!: November 13th, 2009

Could it be?

While driving to Mass on Monday, we saw what we thought were some new residents of Florida, who not have left California. Ever vigilant with our trusty camera, we snapped some quick photos. This van certainly looked like our perps. Here is the evidence.

Again, it was a white van. Windows were blacked out, so that was starting to be a good sign.

Whey were they turning to go to the south end of Salinas? Could they be missing us so much that they are now house hunting in the '01 side of Salinas? We could certainly hope so.

Believability Rating: 50% Pretty high on this one. The van did indeed turn towards the south of Salinas, it was white and it was a Ford. From there, it started to drop. The driver appeared to have the uniform of the Salinas Police Department. He also looked Filipino. Eddie Kramer appears to be Caucasian, not Filipino. The Van also the insignia of the Salinas Police Department in the door. Also, we seem to see a few of these vans in town. Lastly, we have not been contacted by the Kramers to tell us that have moved back. :(

Well, this week was a bust in one sense. On the other hand, we have learned to keep our camera handy. Tune in next week (or tomorrow!) for another Edition of Kramer Sighting! We're Krazier than those Elvis People!

Homeschool Field Trip to the Aquarium

Thursday the 12th marked the first Field Trip for the San Juan Bautista Homeschoolers. Of we went!

Watching the waves.

Aren't they cute!

Tis early in th emorning, there were hardly any poeple at the Aquarium, and the tourist buses had not left the hotels.

You could actually get up close tho the Sea Otters at their exhibit.

Why do some fish just look angry?

One of the students at the tide pool. This one was slippery instead of bumpy.

The fog on the Monterey Bay can get so thick sometimes that even the Sharks need to turn on their Fog Lights.

Tropical Fish.

Penguins at the Aquarium.

There is a Sea Horse exhibit at the Aquarium. Here is a Sea Horse that 'evolved' to look like seaweed. So just how did that happen?

Three happy girls in a clam.

Two happy ladies in a clam.

"Help! It's eating us!"

More of the students at one of the exhibits.

Here, everybody is wondering what happened to the Cetacean Institute.

Group Photo!
All in all, a nice time was had by all. Pictures by Ramon Mendoza (mostly).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween at the Mendoza House

Here are some pictures of Halloween at the Mendoza House. The kids decided to dress in older costumes that they had.

Here Elizabeth is scooping out her Pumpkin.

She managed to get all of the guts out. She at first did not want to carve it up. Then she warmed to the idea. Then at the prompting of an older sibling, she did the following....

She said that her Pumpkin had a cold, and sneezed.

Yet another Pumpkin ate too much candy even before the Trick or Treating, and threw up. Thanks, Monica.

Our cheapest Halloween yet. The only thing we bought was spray paint for Nicholas' costume. He wanted to be a Lego Brick, just about his favorite thing in the world. Components? A box from work, Gaffer's Tape, and 6 bucks worth of spray paint.

Ah, our little boy is learning how to spray paint. By this age, I already had my first Gang Tat.

The finished product. The Boss (Mom) reported that there were no other Lego Bricks out in Salinas. One kid even pointed out to his Dad three times, "Look Dad, a Lego Brick!" A little success.

You would think a Good looking Naval Officer would have better things to do on a Halloween Saturday night than hang around with someone who has to go to work at midnight. But here he is, and we both enjoyed Pizza, and watched "I am Legend" with a RiffTrax. Too bad the movie killed off the best actor in the movie, the dog.

Here are the Costumes. A Ghostbuster, A Lego Brick, Cinderella, and Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete and his queen, Pasiphaƫ. I know, geek alert.

All in all, it was a great Halloween and Anniversary. I got no sleep, worked the next seven straight days, but at least this day was approved by Spookley, the Diversity Pumpkin. I am not making this up. He is the mascot of Swank Farms over in Hollister. He teaches kids to be accepting of Pumpkins of all colours and shapes.

Kramer Sighting of the Week!: November 10th, 2009

Those wacky, wandering Kramers are at it again!

This time they were sighted by our son, Ramon, who had his trusty camera out, and caught what we believe is a sighting of their van, further proof that they did not really move away.

Here is the evidence....

It was indeed a white van, and it was a rather large one at that. It was spotted Salinas, right near the Pro-life vigils that they used to frequent as well. It was a Ford Make, so there were plenty of factors on our side.

BELIEVABILITY RATING: 74% according to Ramon.
Reasons: Again, rather low. We know what the Kramer's phone number is, and it is not what is painted on the side of this van. The number on the side of this van, went to some Police Athletic league, which strangely enough, is also along the entire side of the van. One would think they would know to put the correct phone number on the side of their own van. Their wheels did not match what we know the Kramer van to have, either. The website on the side of this van also does not go to the Kramer Family website.

What the Kramers should do is put the correct phone number and website address on the side of their van. This would greatly increase the believability rating.

Tune in agian next week for another edition of....

Kramer Sighting! (insert fading echo-y sound effect here).