Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

Here is how his day went...

Nicholas wanted a cake. But not just any cake. He wanted one that was themed with Mario Kart Wii. Mom did a pretty good job! The fondant was delicious.

Later on, Mass was said for the intention of another and for Nicholas' Birthday. Another Nicholas gives him a Blessing.

Even more Legos! This apparently was the Lego set that he wanted.
Happy Birthday again, and Many more! We love you very much!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won in Massachusetts

Slowly Overcoming MY Fears

For those of you wondering, yes, I will get close to Lemons. I will even go to Costco and kiss a bag of Lemons. Here is proof I am slowly overcoming my fear and aversion of Lemons. notice how close they get to my 'stache.

Hey Floridians, this one is for you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wolf Woman Returns!!!

There is good restaurant here in Salinas, by the name of Taquitos, formerly Taquitos. Been around for at least 30 years. Decor leaves much to be desired, but we would like to think that all of the effort goes into the food, which is really good.

However, there is one disturbing thing about this restaurant.

It is on the way to the Restrooms.

In a corner.

It is the Painting of the Wolf Woman.

We first noticed this when we took Heather to this restaurant with our favourite Canadians to celebate her birthday.

Someone had to go to the restroom, and someone said that there was a strange painting.

Just what is going on here in this painting? It is trying to express the duality of mankind in these troubled times? The interconnectedness of man and nature? Was this the last item for sale at a garage sale?

What ethnicity is this Wolf woman? How did they get the wolf to pose for this? Why is the wolf's neck so thick? Why is one shoulder bare on the woman?

Why are the wolf's eyes cross-eyed?

Why do we care?!?

These are just some of the thoughts that go through our minds.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

People on TV (or the Movies) Who Look Like People we Know

Have you ever been watching TV, or a DVD, and said to yourself, "Hey! that guy looks like that guy that I know!" Okay, probably not. But since we watch way too much TV, it is almost a daily occurance in the Mendoza house. And so we were inspired to begin a new feature here at the Mendoza Blog that we call

People On TV Who Look Like People We Know!

Max Martini is an Actor who was in the TV Show, "The Unit," as well as in the movie "Contact." Here he is in an episode of "The Unit," called "Report by Exception." Some of you may note the incredible resemblence to a certain auburn haired, Canadian automotive expert. An incredible coincidence? Or does he have an acting career he never told us about? You be the judge!

Our UK Adventure

A friend of ours recently vacationed in the U.K. Well, he's not the only one to experience Great Britain. We recently had fish and chips for dinner, and as you can see, the vinegar is "London Pub" brand, so you know it's authentic!

Christmas 2009

Here are some pictures from our Christmas.

Opening of the stockings, usually filled with goodies like fruit and chocolates.

What's in this mysterious package?



Thank you so very much, Kramers!

Another favourite.

And of course, the most important part of Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ in the Flesh.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday WIN!

But at least this turned out well. Happy Birthday, Heather!

Birthday French Toast FAIL

I am usually pretty good at French Toast. I guess I soaked this particular piece far too long.

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Happy Birthday to my Third wife, Heather! Of all my wives, you have been my favourite. Have a Happy Birthday, and keep in touch!

The lawyers called, and the restraining order has been lifted!

Thanks for the birthday suggestions, Eddie. I will see what I can do.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Epiphany 2010

Epiphany is still a part of Christmas, and is the 12th day after Christmas. On this day, we commemorate the three Magi who visited the Lord Jesus. We try to give our presents on this day, but it turns out to be one of three days we give presents, along with Christmas and St. Nicholas' Day.

Here the girls open up new Pajamas they got.

A Lego shirt for Nicholas. Why so serious?

A Mexican tradition for the Epiphany is to make a Rosca de Reyes. It is a cake that is in the shape of a crown, symbolising the Three Kings as well the Kingship of Jesus Christ. Hidden in a slice of the cake is a small ceramic statue of the Baby Jesus. the child who get this in his or her slice gets an extra small prize. Here it is just out of the Oven.

Now iced and decorated, and ready to be eaten after Mass at Mission San Juan Bautista.

Between Epiphany and the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, homes are blessed if they can be by Priests. One also writes on the Lintel of the front door the following with Blessed Chalk.
20 C + M + B 10
It is meant to represent the current year, broken up by the initials of the three magi by which they are traditionally know, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.

The Rosca is ready to be eaten, with some nice Hot Chocolate.
And the winner of the extra candy....

...Is Nicholas!

Have a Blessed Christmas, and Happy Epiphany!

I Would Rock This Hat

In a desperate attempt to find a Friend of mine an Epiphany present on Monday night that had to get mailed the next day to get to its destination, I actually went to the Mall. I used to love to go to the Mall before the Internet, and I could watch Teenagers be jerks in the comfort of my own home instead of driving out to go see them.

Even though I did not find what I was looking for (I did find something, but that is a post for another time, when little children are not around, mine, and yours), I did see a hat that I would love to wear.

How many votes do I get? Yes, it does go with a Zoot Suit. Come on. It would look cool.

Even Commander Adama looks good in one.

I want to play him in the biopic.

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve around here on the Central Coast of California was a pleasant experience, as we were invited to a Bon Fire and Weenie Roast (insert your own jokes here) at the house of some friends near Salinas. Great company and Great Food!

The fire was kept going by just about all the kids who came.

There is nothing like bouncing on a Trampoline at 8 PM at night!
Thank you Flanders Family for a great time!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Edwardian Monica

For those of you who have wondered, "If we were all to go back in time and rid ourselves of this awful current administration, and transport Edwardian Society onto our Continent, just what would Monica look like?"

You no longer need to worry your pretty little head about it, because we have photographic proof. Here is Monica in the dress I made. Many of you have already heard me go on and on about it. Now you can see it. The pattern came from Sense and Sensibility, and is based on a gown design from 1906. Juan suggests that I now try to impress people by throwing in some details about knife pleats and pin tucks, but I don't actually know what those things are. The sad truth is, that if I could sew it, the pattern was probably simple enough for a box turtle to make.

A few little mistakes not visible in the picture, but overall I'm happy with how it turned out. For Easter, I'm hoping to send Monica to the Regency period so she'll look like a Jane Austen character. But I'm going to have to learn what pin tucks are first.
Juan here: Am thinking of hiring out Heather to make dresses for people. Any takers? Go to the link above if you get a chance. There is a young lady on the main page. She looks like a certain 10 year old we know, only 5 years in the future.

Homeland Security did not stop this person from visiting

Heather's friend from High School, Robert came to visit us the day after Christmas, giving us a nice present for that day. We went to eat at Foster's right across the street from Salinas High School, the mortal enemy of every adult there. Here are Lizzy and Nicholas next to this giant Nutcracker at Foster's. I think they liked that it was so darn large.

Then we went to downtown Salinas and went to an Antiques Mall. We bought yet another Christmas ornament.

Afterwards, we went to the National Steinbeck Center where Robert was looking a present for a friend who is a Steinbeck fan, but we were too cheap to actually pay to go into the museum dedicated to our most famous Son. I told everyone to pose, and got the standard group photo. Then I told everyone to act crazy, and Ramon actually start to choke our guest! Heather does the standard Diva thing and looks like she is singing. Me? My soul became even smaller and blacker. However, they did have this cool shirt in the museum gift shop.

Overall, we highly recommend going to the National Steinbeck Center. Let us know what it is like, and maybe someday we ourselves will go.

Thanks for visiting us all the way from Los Angeles, Robert, and we hope to see you soon again! Go Dodgers!