Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flying Across The Country

Some pictures of our trip going across the country.

Princess Leia's words come to mind. "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought...."
A bit hard to see, but that is San Francisco in the middle of the picture, the San Francisco Bay, and Oakland just off the wing. It is hard to see as we took off on the first flight of the day out of San Jose Airport.

A view somewhere over Nevada.

As near as we could guess, and going by the monitor provided by the airplane, we were over far western Nebraska, around Dalton and Gurley. We said a prayer for your family here, Nick!
A view inside the plane. Which one would become the leader of the group when we land on the Island? Who would ultimately betray the group? Where would the tail section be? Who will come back to life as the Smoke Monster?

Hey, we crossed into Canadian airspace! We are over Lampton Shores.

Still over Canada, we can see the city of Hamilton here.

Here is Niagara Falls. The more dramatic side is the Canadian portion, which is on the left-hand side. We are crossing back into the United States now, and beginning to descend into Boston airport.
Why did we cross all the way on over to the other side of the country? Perhaps this post here will explain things. Or maybe it will not. Stay tuned for more postings on our trip to the land of Live Free or Die.

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