Saturday, July 9, 2011

Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Air Show 2011

We went to our first Air Show of the year, to the Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Air Show in Morgan Hill. It was a little warm, but not as warm as Morgan Hill can get.

We got there just in time to see Snoopy flying around!

Someone built this Star Ship Enterprise that was flying around. Apparently it has lights as well, and flew last night. Wonder how many reported a UFO last night?

There was also Superman flying around. No capes!

A fly-by of World War Two era British Spitfire and another American plane.

An American Corsair.

A hand-built B-17 with four engines. This plane was large!

B-17 against hills and sky.

It was so graceful in the air.

Here a Radio controlled bi-plane is looking for Cary Grant.

Some really neat helicopter stunts and flying maneuvers. This helicopter could fly upside down, and the pilot even made it rotate along the X< Y, and Z axis', or in other words, every which way he could.

A model Eagle.

The highlight for us was an actual Jet Model Airplane, this one of an USAF F-16. They are fueling the jet right here. It takes about a gallon of kerosene, and it burns it up in eight minutes.

The F-16 taxis to the runway. There is a Model Helicopter hovering that takes video in the air.

Here it is making a pass at around 160 MPH.

Coming in for a landing.

The pilots kept talking about taking off, but not of landing. At this point they spoke more of recovery. Some landings were very smooth, like the B-17, and some crashed.

The F-16 skidded off the runway.

Still better than every Northwest flight I have ever had.

All in all, we had a great Saturday looking up at the sky watching Radio Controlled Planes. Thanks Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark!

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