Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoy this little (well, medium sized) Horse cake! It reminds us of how funny you are, and the horse looks kinda like it's up to no good!

E is for Enigmatic
L is for Lol!
I is for INSANE!!! (in a good, charming way)
Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzz.....(i hope you get to sleep in)
A is for ALLRIGHT!!! YOU'RE 12!!!!!
B is for Brain-y
E is for Eh? Wussat?(stoned after a party)
T is for Terrific! let's go smash mail boxes
H is for Horse Eater-I mean, Hilarious Horse Lover!

Bonne Fête Elizabeth! Have a totally awesome day!
(that bit from Mónica)

We found you a Horse Cake, and it even has your NAME ON IT!

My Dad said he wanted to give a reference to the Godfather movie,but I don't know what that is about.


From the Mendoza Family, Elizabeth, we would all like to wish you a happy and blessed birthday, with so much cake that you almost have to go to the bathroom four or five times!

No really, have a great birthday, and we will pray for you today to the Lord and to the Saints to keep you safe for many years. May God grant you many years.

I say "HAPPY!"

You say "BIRTHDAY!"



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