Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome To Legoland 2012!

Hi! Jek "Tono" Porkins here! You can also call me by my call sign of "Red Six," and some even call me "Piggy."

I recently went to visit some friends of mine down San Diego way to see their new digs. No contrary to popular belief, I did not die in "A New Hope." Besides, Lucas changes everything! I am alive! Even Han Solo can shoot afterwards!

Let's get with my tour of Legoland! Oh, I even brought a family along with me. They might show up in some of my pictures.

So here I am at the Legoland entrance. Legoland California is located in Carlsbad, CA, right near the ocean, so it reminded me a lot of my home planet of Bestine IV. I was going to bring my fellow Bestinian Zev Senesca, but he was busy, and stayed home.

Now legoland is a pretty neat place. The family I hitched along with went on what is called "Home School Days" here, and it is such a deal. Everyone gets in for about, well, I know how much it is in Imperial Credits, but the family I went with say it was about $25 dollars each. This is super cheap, as I saw some paying up to 90 dollars. EACH!

I guess the family I went with had gone here before, so this time, they attempted to go on some rides. No big deal for me. It would be like flying in my T-65 X-Wing. My main thing was to see how my buddies Antilles, Darklighter, and Luke, and some sort of Miniland that has been built here. It is not finished yet, but I thought I would head on down.

I will show some more of my photos in another post. This is Red Six signing off for now!

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