Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Stop On The Way To San Diego: Ronald Reagan Library

So on our way to San Diego, we made a few stops, and one of them was the  gift shop at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, just to the Northwest of Los Ángeles.  We, or rather I, thought that the kids would not be interested in some Library and Museum and would kill me for delaying in getting to San Diego.  

Well we get to the gift shop, and they tell me that you are allowed to go to Reagan's tomb, the White House Lawn replica, and the piece of the Berlin Wall that they have.  Well, the kids are intrigued by the history of the place, and ask what else there is, since the Library is so large.  I tell them that they have the actual Air Force One that Reagan flew on.  Man, the kids get all excited, and ask if we can go look or at least come back!  Well, for sure we are coming back, because one of the Space Shuttles is coming to the Science Center later on this year, and it would be nice to visit a friend of ours down there, and visit here.

So here are just a few images from the Reagan Library.

Here is Reagan's grave.

Close-up of the Headstone.

A panoramic view of the hilltop.  This area is an exact recreation of the White House Lawn.

A section of the Berlin Wall.  ON the Western side, you could go right up to it, and there would be graffiti on it of all sorts.  On the Eastern side...

it faced guard dogs, mines, Barbed wire, and a no man's land where one would be shot for trying to climb over to the western side.

Yes, it will indeed be worth a visit to see Air Force One and the Space Shuttle.  Look for an upcoming post!

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  1. "We, or rather I, thought that the kids would not be interested in some Library and Museum and would kill me for delaying in getting to San Diego."

    Might happen if we were to go to the (future) Obama national Library.