Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cecilia!: Once Upo A Unicorn

Happy Birthday, Cecilia!

A very Happy Birthday to our favorite Goddaughter, whose birthday is today already!

We know that a very special friend arrived for your birthday, and we thought you would like to know a little bit about her story.  

The Story of Rainbow Unicorn!

A Birthday Story For Cecilia

Hi!  I am your new pet Unicorn!

For a long time, I lived in this toy store with lots of other pillow pets.  We were all waiting for someone to take us home.

Pick me!  Pick me!

Hurray!  Today someone picked me!  They took me to their house.  I wondered who I was for?

They had some kids there, I wondered if I was for one of them?

"I'm cute!  Is it for me?"

"It feels comfy!"

 "Rainbow Unicorn and I are drawing a Chibi!"

The kids really liked me, but it turns out I wasn’t for any of them.  I found out I was going to be a birthday present!  How exciting!  I get to surprise a little girl who is hoping for unicorn just like me! 

But the little girl I would be surprising lived far away.  Too far away to drive in a car.  I was going to have to travel by box.

I wasn’t sure if I would like being in the box at first.  It seemed kind of cramped in there.

But it was actually quite cozy.

Before they packed me up, I had some fun with the family.  I went to the California Rodeo, and i went to In-N-Out Burger.  Then I did the evening weather and had to see for myself where I was going.  Then I went to Big Sur, but it was foggy, and finally to a San José Earthquakes game.  I think Uncle Juan is kind of silly, don’t you?

Now I’m on my way. 

I can’t wait until you open my box so I can meet you.  Also, I could use some air.

We wish we could be there for your birthday, but enjoy these digital Rainbow Unicorn Cookies.  They are delicious!

Uncle Juan, Aunt Heather, and the kids, Ramón, Mónica, Nicholas and Lizzie all want me to wish you a happy birthday and to let you know that they love you very much!

And every time you hug me, you’ll be getting some of their love.

Happy Birthday, Cecilia!  May God bless you on your second anniversary of when you came into this world.  You make it special by your presence, and you are a joy and gift to your mommy and daddy.  

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