Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beware Of Driving Vans In Northern California

In the words of our children, "Who broke it?"

When coming back from Washington State in 2005, we were in Lakehead up by Shasta Lake when our old van broke. You can see what led up to that here. We were trying to make a St. Patrick's party that our friend Pedro was having in Sacramento. This is the same Pedro who just became a Secular Carmelite.

Previously, our old van had the Transaxle fail back in 2005.

5 years later, we come ot Sacramento, again to visit Pedro, and the latest iteration of transportation breaks down. This time while going to a well known Ice Creamery in Sacramento, when the van would not start up.

The problem was determined to be the Alternator and the Battery. So the Mendozas are back on the Central Coast, but the van is still in Sacramento.

How did we get back?

Well, our friend Pedro used his car and his Fiance's to drive us all the way back home, spending the night with us. He then drove her car back, and lent us his for a few days. We then drove his car back to Sacramento last week. Since then, we have been lent vehicles by various people.

The Mendozas would like to thank all those people who drove us around and lent us their cars. We truly appreciate it, and thank God for you!

So now the question is, shold we be afraid of driving in Northen California, or of visiting Pedro?

We'll be seeing you at the end of the week, Blue Van!

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