Saturday, July 24, 2010

California Rodeo, 2010

The California Rodeo happens every third week in July in Salinas, California. Here are some images from Opening Night.

Parade of Horses.

Doves released after the singing of the National Anthem.

Bull rider.

Calf roping.

Amazing they get out of the gate at all.

There was an act that came out with actual Bison. You can see how large they are compared with the people on horseback.

Women's Barrel Racing. These women could wind their way around three barrels in less than 20 seconds!

Every once in a while, music would be played in between the action. One of the songs played was "YMCA," to get people up on their feet. Here, the Mendoza's make their pitiful attempt at the YMCA Dance. At least they are having a better time than Jose there in the front. Perhaps he is dreaming of being an Aztec Warrior, holding a lady in his arms in front of Popcatepetl.

Yet another band playing into the night.

Here is a panorama shot of the Sports Complex from earlier in the day.

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