Thursday, August 12, 2010

It A Gril!

She's here! The latest edition, Kramer 9.0 is here!

Deo gratias!

God bless you, Kramers, and especially you, young lady. We have waited our entire lives to meet you, and cannot wait until we do so.


  1. Juan, who is responsible for the spelling or dislexia problme heer?

  2. To the lady with (even more!) lots of kids and Joe, if indeed that is your name:

    you have to go to this website called Cake Wrecks. They showcase cakes made by professional cake makers (no amateurs!), and paid for, that were just messed up. Often it is bizarre spelling, poor execution, or just plain weird.

    The cake "It a gril," is a famous one. You can see this cake at

    or at the website itself,

    It is a hilarious site!

    Love you guys!