Saturday, August 7, 2010

July Vehicles Driven By The Mendozas

Again, thank you everybody who lent us your vehicles while we were out of a van (It is back, but more on that later).

Here are a couple of the vehicles that we borrowed over the course of a couple of weeks.

The first one that we borrowed was the little purple car on the right. It belongs to a Seminary brother, Pedro, from Sacramento. the first day we had it we went to a birthday party, but we also had somebody's van. Some kids that we know were not aware that we had both a van and this little car, and thought we all came in this little car since we were all gathered around it getting something from the back. It immediately got called the "Clown Car," and the name stuck for the rest of the time we had it.

The vehicle in front is a big old Ford F-150. The cab is large enough to fit 6 people! We liked this one too, and it immediately got nicknamed "Truckzilla."

What's that in the background?

It's a 1973 VW Bus in the Wild Westerner scheme! Perhaps more on that in future postings. It's a pretty neat Bus.

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