Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Annual Visit To The Mall

For whatever reason, we just haven't gone to our local Mall as much. Perhaps it was the young ladies dressing in a scandalous manner. Maybe it was the crazy shopper who tried to run over somebody with their car. Or perhaps it was the insane gangs members shooting inside the Mall.

Just seems like a better shopping experience could be had elsewhere. Every once in while though, you gotta go get a free sample at See's, Check out Best Buy, catch a movie, or just take a walk while the weather outside dips all the way down to the 50's and turns nasty.

We recently did just that, and on the busiest shopping day of the year. Come take a stroll with us to our local mall and have a look around.

Some exercise program being sold at one of the kiosks.

A fun shirt to have!

We thought that businesses with names like this were only on The Simpsons.

The little Old Navy dog that creeps out the children.

We looked for the other Deadly Sins, but all we found was Gluttony which was located in the food court.

Got this calendar for afriend last year, and apparently it was pretty funny and informative. Come on, it's poop!

We swear, this store was just a few doors down from...

This one! Guess not having a star in the "R" made it alright.

Now here was something nice! One of the 72 Jewelers in the mall sold some very nice Rosaries made out of precious and semi-precious stones.

"There's a camera trained on me, gotta make a scene!"

That about wraps up our annual, state and federally mandated one trip to the local shopping mall. We didn't buy anything, so it didn't do the economy any good. Since we had some free candy at See's, we may have actually taken away from the economy. So much for our civic duty.

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