Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flash Mob At Northridge Mall!

A Flash Mob of Michael Jackson's Thriller broke out at Northridge Mall in Salinas yesterday, and we were there to see it!

Check it out!

Actually, the Flash mob was just us four, and we needed one to take the picture. One of us did not want to participate, so she stood by the sidelines.

We actually drew an audience of three: one from Carl's Jr., one from the sports shop, and a lady from the Chinese massage place who was just cracking up! We waved to her as we finished.

We did alright, considering we had a practice that lasted four seconds, and consisted of one of us lifting a leg to show how the dance was done.

If another family would join us, Perhaps we could do a Flash Mob here. Together, we really would be a flash mob.

Just saying.

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