Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday, Ramon!

Ah, it was Labor Day, 1993. The fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation had aired three months before, and we were going to find out what the deal was with Mark Twain and Data's head. David Letterman had jumped to CBS, and his show was going to start that night, along with Dennis Miller. The top song in the country was "Can't Help Falling In Love," by UB40. A young Internet was all abuzz about a new sci-fi show called "The X-Files," or something or another, about some FBI agents who hunt monsters and weird phenomena. Probably won't waste all that much time on a show like that.

Your mom started having her labor pains on Sunday the 5th. We were not sure what to expect, but we were told that once her contractions were at a certain point, we were to go to the hospital, which was about 5 minutes a way.

We got to the hospital, and labor was about 4 hours. Your regular doctor was not around, so some things were unfamiliar, but we all managed.

Finally, at 2:05 AM on Labor Day 1993, you made your appearance in the world, and we had waited our whole lives to met you.

And here is your first picture! You are about 20 minutes old here. Dr. Cepeda and nurses. Then they made us take you home. Without instructions.

Your first Halloween costume.
Your first portrait.
Boy, sofas were ugly back then.
Your first time eating at (or near) the table.
And another portrait.
How did 18 years go by so quickly?

Happy Birthday, Ramón Jesús, We all love you very much!

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  1. Wow, 18 already?!? Congrats to Ramon. And loved the post. :-)