Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eddie!

Or, why we should rename this blog:

The Kramer Birthday blog!

Now on to the next birthday cake in a series of seventeen. I think.

Happy Birthday, Eddie!

Can you believe that we first met you almost four years ago? You have gotten so big in that time! You're like nearly six feet tall, now. Who gave you permission to grow so big?

Well, sorry we cannot be with you on your birthday, so here is a cake that looks like a submarine, because we know how to like to play with submarines.

We out here in California wish you a happy birthday, and hope you get plenty of cake, nice presents to unwrap, and a good time with your family.

May God grant you many years to love and serve him, and may your patrons, St Joseph and St. Placid and Companions intercede for you. You are a good father, and even though humility prevents and protects you from saying so, you are a good role model of a Catholic husband, father, and friend.

I say "Happy," you say "birthday!"



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