Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reeks Of Maine, 2011 Edition

The Advent season is coming, so, it is time to think about what to stick to your house.

Instead of tacky plastic displays, why not get a beautiful, tasteful Wreath From Maine!

They not only have wreaths, but garlands to wrap around pillars or posts, and swags to go over doors. We have had them in the past, and they smell so good without being overpowering.
We even happen to know someone who is selling these online, our friend Elizabeth Kramer.

So when you are ready to order, head on over to the Wreaths Of Maine website, and choose your wreath, garland, or swag. Ms. Kramer has a seller ID, which is 4144. Click on the above link, or go here:

So this Advent and Christmas, put a little beauty in your house. Get a Wreath of Maine. Don't buy a cheap Mexican knock-off where the "Balsam Fir" is actually made out of coloured Chili Lights.

Come on, buy a Wreath of Maine from Elizabeth, Seller ID #4144. This little girl right below is happy that you are going to buy one.

Don't make her cry by NOT buying one.

This little girl's Godfather would greatly appreciate it if you would make her happy if you bought a Wreath from Elizabeth, Seller ID #4144.


SELLER ID #4144! "Pookielizard" is another ID!

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