Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kramer Sighting! California Desert Edition

It had been a while since we had had a Kramer sighting, but lo and behold, we had one in the Mojave Desert!

we were driving north from Joshua Tree National Park to Boron, CA (more on that later), when we came upon a sight that said we were only 7 miles away form Kramer Junction.  An entire Junction dedicated to our second favorite family (Sorry, you lost out to the Holy Family, but you can try again  next year!)?  What could we expect to see there?  A naval installation?  The Oklahoma Expatriate Museum?  Something related to the Oklahoma Sooners?  A tornado perhaps?  We wew really close!  And Los Ángeles is three hours away, and the whole Coachella Valley and and the Inland Empire is right over those hills!

What's that you say?  Were in the middle of the desert?  There's not much out here?  That that is the reason Edwards Air Force Base is out here, because of the lack of people?  Well, I think I am about to prove you wrong!


Kramer Junction (also known as Kramer Corner) is apparently a wide spot in the road, the intersection of Hwys 58 and 395?  DARN!

Apparently there is no significant oil around, no Oklahoma monuments, Grapes of Wrath statues to all the people whole came from the Dust Bowl area.  There weren't even any gi-normous white vans the size of the retired space shuttles.  Just a whole lot of truck traffic between Las Vegas and Los Ángeles, and Reno.  Gas was a bit cheaper here, but we had a late start, and lunch was awaiting us in Boron.

No Kramers.

Oh well!  We'll see them soon enough anyways at some point.  Meanwhile, we will keep a lookout for this intrepid family, and hopefully we will see them around California at some point.  Keep a lookout while we continue...


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