Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kramer Sighting of the Week!: November 10th, 2009

Those wacky, wandering Kramers are at it again!

This time they were sighted by our son, Ramon, who had his trusty camera out, and caught what we believe is a sighting of their van, further proof that they did not really move away.

Here is the evidence....

It was indeed a white van, and it was a rather large one at that. It was spotted Salinas, right near the Pro-life vigils that they used to frequent as well. It was a Ford Make, so there were plenty of factors on our side.

BELIEVABILITY RATING: 74% according to Ramon.
Reasons: Again, rather low. We know what the Kramer's phone number is, and it is not what is painted on the side of this van. The number on the side of this van, went to some Police Athletic league, which strangely enough, is also along the entire side of the van. One would think they would know to put the correct phone number on the side of their own van. Their wheels did not match what we know the Kramer van to have, either. The website on the side of this van also does not go to the Kramer Family website.

What the Kramers should do is put the correct phone number and website address on the side of their van. This would greatly increase the believability rating.

Tune in agian next week for another edition of....

Kramer Sighting! (insert fading echo-y sound effect here).

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