Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kramer Sighting of the Week!: November 13th, 2009

Could it be?

While driving to Mass on Monday, we saw what we thought were some new residents of Florida, who not have left California. Ever vigilant with our trusty camera, we snapped some quick photos. This van certainly looked like our perps. Here is the evidence.

Again, it was a white van. Windows were blacked out, so that was starting to be a good sign.

Whey were they turning to go to the south end of Salinas? Could they be missing us so much that they are now house hunting in the '01 side of Salinas? We could certainly hope so.

Believability Rating: 50% Pretty high on this one. The van did indeed turn towards the south of Salinas, it was white and it was a Ford. From there, it started to drop. The driver appeared to have the uniform of the Salinas Police Department. He also looked Filipino. Eddie Kramer appears to be Caucasian, not Filipino. The Van also the insignia of the Salinas Police Department in the door. Also, we seem to see a few of these vans in town. Lastly, we have not been contacted by the Kramers to tell us that have moved back. :(

Well, this week was a bust in one sense. On the other hand, we have learned to keep our camera handy. Tune in next week (or tomorrow!) for another Edition of Kramer Sighting! We're Krazier than those Elvis People!

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  1. Its actually a Department of Corrections van, not SPD...hahahahaha