Sunday, January 10, 2010

People on TV (or the Movies) Who Look Like People we Know

Have you ever been watching TV, or a DVD, and said to yourself, "Hey! that guy looks like that guy that I know!" Okay, probably not. But since we watch way too much TV, it is almost a daily occurance in the Mendoza house. And so we were inspired to begin a new feature here at the Mendoza Blog that we call

People On TV Who Look Like People We Know!

Max Martini is an Actor who was in the TV Show, "The Unit," as well as in the movie "Contact." Here he is in an episode of "The Unit," called "Report by Exception." Some of you may note the incredible resemblence to a certain auburn haired, Canadian automotive expert. An incredible coincidence? Or does he have an acting career he never told us about? You be the judge!

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