Thursday, January 7, 2010

Homeland Security did not stop this person from visiting

Heather's friend from High School, Robert came to visit us the day after Christmas, giving us a nice present for that day. We went to eat at Foster's right across the street from Salinas High School, the mortal enemy of every adult there. Here are Lizzy and Nicholas next to this giant Nutcracker at Foster's. I think they liked that it was so darn large.

Then we went to downtown Salinas and went to an Antiques Mall. We bought yet another Christmas ornament.

Afterwards, we went to the National Steinbeck Center where Robert was looking a present for a friend who is a Steinbeck fan, but we were too cheap to actually pay to go into the museum dedicated to our most famous Son. I told everyone to pose, and got the standard group photo. Then I told everyone to act crazy, and Ramon actually start to choke our guest! Heather does the standard Diva thing and looks like she is singing. Me? My soul became even smaller and blacker. However, they did have this cool shirt in the museum gift shop.

Overall, we highly recommend going to the National Steinbeck Center. Let us know what it is like, and maybe someday we ourselves will go.

Thanks for visiting us all the way from Los Angeles, Robert, and we hope to see you soon again! Go Dodgers!

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