Monday, June 21, 2010

Andrew Molera State Park

Here are some images of a trip down to Andrew Molera State Park. It is names for the gentleman who brought Artichokes to California in the early 20th century. This is also one of the few places where you can get your feet wet on the Big Sur Coast.

Let's head on down!

A stop most everyone has to make when on the Central Coast of California is Bixby Bridge. Here is the view from Bixby Bridge looking south.

A few more miles down Highway 1, one actually reaches Molera State Park. Originally, this property belonged to a man named Cooper who traded this property along Big Sur for the holdings of Andrew Molera in the Salinas Valley. It is the largest State Park on the Big Sur Coast, and one of the few places on Big Sur where you can get your feet wet, without a Kayak or Boat. We just simply went down to the beach and back. There is a fairly famous loop trail here that is nearly 9 miles in length that is simply gorgeous. However, we know three pregnant women right now who would kick our butts on this loop. We would be huffing and puffing, while they would be finished with the trail!

A foot bridge over the Big Sur River. This is taken down during the Winter as the River runs a bit too deep.

Looking up river.

Rock-strewn bottom of the river.

The trail to the beach is one mile each way, but it is well worth the walk.

This walk along the beach goes on for a bit, but during high tide, it is not possible to go too far as the tide goes all the way up to the cliffs.

Rocks and boulders all over the place.

Some people camp out on the beach, and even make these huts out of the driftwood and rocks. The Park Rangers tell you not to go into the huts as they are unstable, but some people really do sleep in them.

Here is an attempt to built a hut.

Still going! Looks more like a fence, though.

Rocks all over the place!

Gotta stand in the middle of the river if you can. She's on the Island! No Smoke Monster, though.

Hope you enjoyed a trip to Andrew Molera State Park!

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