Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Wife Went To Panama City For Spring Break And All I Got Was A Shirt!

The conquering heroine comes back to San Jose Airport. Her plane ride was alright, and did not land on any strange islands with smoke monsters.

The kids ran over to greet her.

Every angle must be photographed!

Come on Delta, It was only one flight, and you still manage to get a tear on the bag? This was a carry-on bag, but on the small plane from Atlanta to Panama City and back, they do have to put bags in cargo. They managed to put this on her bag.

Now for the fun stuff! A Shirt.

A nice cool hat.

A shell covered box.

Another shirt...

Here is the shirt I got.

I did get a visit from someone in Southern California, so I guess that counts for something. Plus, it's a Kramer sighting, and it just might have been a real one, too! Don't remember that light green shirt, though.

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