Monday, June 7, 2010

Santa Cruz, June 2010

Here are some images of Santa Cruz from this past weekend. We parked by the Shrine of St. Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer. It is a peaceful place for some quiet prayer. Maybe pictures of that later.

Right across from the Shrine, there are a couple of stairs that go right down to the ocean. Just gotta climb over some rocks.
Here are some folks that are gonna do just that. Looks like a lot of fun!

There were not a lot of waves, as is typical during the summer, but here is one gentleman who caught a small wave towards the Boardwalk. Doesn't it look so easy and fun?! Just get into the water, wait for a wave, catch it, and then stand up on your board. Yeah, right!

Would have to find out for sure, but we believe that this is a memorial to surfers who have died in the area. Rest in Peace.

A brand new memorial to three Hawai'ian Princes, who in 1885, rode waves at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River on long redwood planks.

Looking out towards Natural Bridges State Park.
Seals on an outcropping, a boat, and Mount Toro south of Salinas. Roughly 40 miles apart in a straight line.

The foam on the surf made interesting patterns.

For some reason, the kids starting cheering for this one guy who was wearing a hat out on the surf. I guess it was the only guy they could readily identify. could not get a good photo, but he did catch one good wave out to the rocks. Way to go, hat-wearing surfer dude!
The rocks where some of the surfers were aiming for. Part of the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk can be seen in the background.

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