Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stop The Press! Ulysses Has Sold His Red Pick-Up!

It is with great sadness to hear from one of our favourite Naval Officers, Admiral Nimitz, that Ulysses has sold his Red Toyota Pick-up truck?

Has the world gone mad?

Maybe next, one of our friends will start rooting for the SF Giants, or something similarly vile.

The Red Toyota, to put it simply, was almost synonymous with Ulysses.

Personally, I can remember Ulysses and I going out at 2100 hrs. on a Wednesday last year, going to 6 different stores in search of Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3. I can remember going 65 on Boronda Road, sure we would be stopped by the cops.

Our kids loved riding in the Red Truck. It was a badge of honour, and something that they all wanted to do.

When he parked his truck in Moss Landing, some birds had done their business on his truck. It looked like the windows were broken, and Ulysses promised to get the "Vandal Punks" who had messed his truck.

We would often see his truck on Sunday afternoons, speeding by us on 101 on the way to Holy Mass, just passing us up.

One could also hear him before seeing him as well, as often The Dark Knight soundtrack, or Andrea Bocelli would be blasting at roughly 135 Decibels.

Good times!

Ulysses will be stationed overseas, and will not be in need of his Truck. So we will miss you, big Red Truck. You provided us with so many happy memories, from forays to East Salinas in search of Tequila, to gong to Holy Mass and Divine Liturgy.

We will miss you too, Ulysses.


  1. This is way beyond funny . . .

  2. I know something worse than one of your friends rooting for the SF Giants! The Mendozas and Kramers suddenly becoming mortal enemies because of a silly joke*!
    *Call Elizabeth to find out what joke. If you dare!