Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Bunny's View Of Los Angeles

In our our effort to bring news about people who know or want to learn how to ride horses(Seller ID # 4144 click here!), we now present another one of our friends.

Many people blog and post pictures of Los Angeles.

Not many of those people are Bunnies.

Here is one of Heather's friends from High School who has lived in Los Angeles for quite a while, although he is a native of Salinas (something he does not want people to know, but there it is now out in the public).

Robert has a great sense of humour, honed by hours and hours of whatever it is he does in his spare time. One of the things that Robert likes to watch is Mystery Science Theater and its newest incarnation, RiffTrax, where old and new movies are made fun of. It seems peculiar that we have a set of friends who would watch these with us, yet we have never had the full complement of people over to our house who do like these. When all these people are considered, it is highly unlikely that they would ever meet in any other circumstance, yet if they WERE to come for a movie to be made fun of, they would all have a great time.

We just wouldn't mention the Blue Man Group.

So if you want to see what LA looks like from a cute, but rather mischievous rabbit's point of view, check out Robert's (or Rob to anyone who met him after 1988) blog.

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