Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kraemer sighting! Wichita, Kansas Edition!

It seems that the Kraemers are ever expanding their reach into every corner of America. Now they are getting into the Media!

Call it the Military-Industrial-Entertainment-Kraemer complex.

So we are just minding our own business, watching TV like mind-numbed Robots, when a piece comes on about visiting the great prairies of Middle-America, when lo and behold, there is a Kraemer, right there on TV, in front of our children. We had to cover the eyes of the two smaller ones.

Let's take a look at the video evidence.

Believability Rating: 78%.
Confidence is high on this one!
First of all, this gentleman works for a station based in the mid-west, where the Kramers are from. In fact there are 7770 people with the last name Kramer in Oklahoma, according to the U.S. Census. They are all related.
It would seem strange that they would have a child who is older than any of them, but they do watch a lot of Star Trek, where time travel is a daily occurrence on the show.
this gentleman also works for a station that has a bureau in SALINA, Kansas, which sounds suspiciously like SALINAS, California. Let's compare the two. Here is a link to the most recent image we could find of Salina, Kansas. Here is one of Salinas, California.
They look similar, don't they? It just could NOT be a coincidence. They used to live near Salinas; this guys works for a station with a bureau in Salina. It is so uncanny, it sends shivers up your spine. Or it could be my fourth meal from Taco Bell trying to come back up.
Don't think that we are fooled by that extra "E" in your name. We knoew thaet you are a KRAMER!
Stay tuned for a strange but true Ulysses sighting in Carmel!

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