Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ulysses sighting of the week! December 5th, 2009

We bring you here a sighting of our intrepid traveller, Ulysses Zamora. He is on his way to the East Coast right now, but he was just sighted in Chekotah, Oklahoma. Let's take a look...

Well, it is a Red Vehicle, just like Ulysses' Truck...

Believability Rating: 10%. Although it is a Red Vehicle, it is the wrong Make and Model. It also appears to be too warm, and the weather this week in Oklahoma has been pretty cold. Members of this Family also appear to be in this picture, and no Mendoza from this Family has been in Oklahoma since the Mom visited Hugo, Oklahoma in 2007 (Long story. Texans are involved). No music was being blasted from the vehicle, either. If you look carefully, the Man to the right of the vehicle seems to have lighter skin tha Ulysses. He is also holding on to the hand of a little boy. There also seems to be a lady with a baby to the left, and we all know that Ulysses is a bachelor. She doesn't seem to be his type. She looks all stuck up and pretty stiff, if you ask us. The guy also is sporting a baseball, and we all know that no cap has ever been on the head of this particular Naval Officer. The People also appear to be made of Lego Bricks.

Well, this one turned out to be a bust. However, tune in again next week for another edition of...

(insert echo-y voice here)




THE !!!


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