Sunday, December 6, 2009

Your Henry Picture Of The Day! (YHPOTD!) December 5th

Time to introduce the world to a temporary visitor to the Mendoza house, Mr. Henry Ulysses Kramer de Mendoza the Third. There was no Henry Kramer de Mendoza the First or Second, but like checks, we decided on a higher number to lend more credibility.

So here he is, Henry!!!

Henry (known for about an hour way back in July as Superdude), is a Guinea Pig born in the outskirts of Göttingen, Germany. He was the heir to a vast fortune his family made in peanut butter mining. However the fortune was lost when his Uncle Frisky speculated in Llama futures, as Llamas are not popular in Germany.

As a young Guinea Pig, he moved to New Mexico to start a new life, but he wandered onto a nuclear testing ground and was caught in an atomic blast. Instead of being killed, he developed super sonic squeaking powers and was for a time Spiderman's arch-Nemesis, Guinea-man.

Through a chain of unlikely events, Henry lost his superpowers and settled down as the mild-mannered pet of the Kramer Family. Sadly, his fur did not agree with the oldest Kramer child's health. And so he was handed off to the Mendozas, with whom he resides today. He is fairly happy in his new home, but wishes they would stop trying to touch him, and that they would give him more carrots.

Come back soon for more pictures of Henry! And possibly a rare interview with the reclusive rodent.

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  1. that is one cool guinea pig, glad you are enjoying him :)