Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recovery of a Catholic Life: making the First Black Funeral Pall in the Diocese of Monterey in 40 years

Gaudete Sunday is a joyful one in the penitential season of Advent, when we use Rose, that colour between the Red of Martyrs and the Violet of Mourning. That night, we heard a Faithful of Watsonville had passed away. it was related to us by Father Marc Dauphine, that the Lady who had passed away had requested a Requiem Mass in the Traditional Latin form for her Funeral.

Although we have most of the items that are required for a Requiem Mass, such as a Requiem Missal, most of the Black Vestments, not to mention a Schola and Servers, some are missing. One of the items that was missing was a Black Funeral Pall that goes over the casket. Normally this takes about 10 yards of fabric, and the Funeral was scheduled for Thursday the 17th of December. Heather was voluteered (by me) to make the Pall, and had about three days to make it. Thankfully, it did not seem too difficult, and there was a minimum of decorations to do. A Cross did have to be applied.
It was done on time, and the Pall was put over the Casket for the Requiem Mass. Four more crosses could be added to the corners for symetry, but it all came off well.

here is something we are willing to bet money on: This is probably the only Black Funeral Pall in the entire Diocese of Monterey. We tried looking for one at some of the churches around area, but none was to be found.

So, if one is looking for a Black Funeral Pall, we finally have one, and it is ready for use again.

10 yards of fabric is heavy, by the way!

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