Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kramer Sighting of the Week!: December 5th, 2009

America! You have been lied to!

Yes, we all know about Climategate and Obama's 'Health' care stuff.

No, we are talking about the Kramers.

They would like for people to think that they have left the Central Coast of California for the Sunny Clime of Florida.

That is not true.

You are being lied to.

They are in fact still around, and we have seen them! Although we were not able to catch up to them, we did manage to take a picture of their van, and we post it here for your viewing pleasure!

Although this vehicle is way smaller than their van, we are convinced it it them. Their van is in fact classified as a bus, and this one closely matches that description. It is also white in colour, and has those huge mirrors. The grill looks a little bit different, black this time instead of chrome. Maybe they're bombing up their van. You know, getting some custom work done on it. Maybe stretching it. It seems they might have done this. Notice also they have added more windows to the van. Now you can see in every direction! For the absolutely most trick option they have added now to their van is the addition of Port-a-Potties, for those times when you are travelling, and there are no restrooms or rest stops available. You know how kids can get. Aways asking if you are there yet and that they need to got to the rest room. Now there are no worries. Just stop by the side of the road, and hello blue liquid!

Believability Factor: 90%!. Although this is a white bus just the one the Kramers have, there are several things that would lead one to think that this does not belong to them. First of all, There is a Salida de Emergencia on this bus. Why would the Kramers need an emergency exit, and why would they need the sign in Spanish? Secondly, the bus seemed to be full of Mexicans dressed for Field work, and very few of the Kramers are actually Mexicans. Lastly, this bus is way too small for the Kramers. It only has a capacity of 42 people.
Well, here we thought we had sighted them, but alas, this one was too small. We were pretty darn close!
Tune in again soon for another edition of...

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