Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Land Lord FAIL!

Are you in the mood to get jacked around by people who have nefarious connections with Senators Reid and Daschle?

Do you want to deal with people who don't return your calls to rent you a property but then renege on it?

Do you really want to deal with someone who is going to the new 10th Circle of Hell?

Well, then look no further than a Certain Place with Media in its name, along with that street that is between 17th and 19th.

You produced a video for the Democratic National Committe about Bush's broken promises, but then you say that no one has contacted you for two days? Yeah, right. I guess you would know about broken promises. You are pretty much an expert in the area!

This blog tried to contact the porducer for this Media whore, but was only able to procure a picture:

The flake was unavailable for comment.

Hey, a better rental will be found! We are praying for it!

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