Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kramer Sighting! Florida Edition

It's time for another edition of Kramer sighting!

This time, our roving correspondent went to the Sunshine State, where it only took her 12 hours to get to the Panhandle section, and one in flight scare out of Atlanta!

Let's go to the videotape!

This house certainly looks large enough to house all the Kramers. Plenty of room to do all their laundry and that of Fort Bragg combined. Pretty nice. there is even a HUGE WHITE BUS (yes, it is a bus according to its paperwork) parked in the front. Could this be them? Let's take a closer look....

The interior floor of this particular Bus certainly looks like it is used to haul kids around, and possibly may even be home to tropical amazon life. however, those kids in this particular Bus don't look anything like the Kramer children. They appear to be much too old to be the ones we knew in California. Plus there does not appear to be any boys around.

This Cutie Pie cannot possibly be the youngest Kramer! Although very cute, this young lady is much too big and has WAY too much curly hair to be the one we know. this young lady also seems to be walking very well, while the one we know was not walking too much way back in September.

Believability Rating: 37%. The problems with this sighting, even though this blog went to the expense of sending a correspondent all the way to Florida, here is what is wrong. first all, the house on second thought, does seem a little small to house all 132 Kramers.

Secondly, the children we did get pictures of are too different from the ones we remember. Lastly, the young lady we did get a picture of had really long curly hair, bangs, and was walking just too well to be the Cutie Pie we remember. Plus, no one whacked the correspondent in the knee, hobbling her for life.

So, the search continues, although the trip to Florida was not entirely fruitless. Our correspondent spent nearly a week in the Panhandle of Florida, in the Spring Break capital , and very nearly partied with thousands!

Tune in again sometime later on this week! There are reports Naval Officers have been spotted not just in California, but on the Central Coast, and even at Mission San Juan Bautista!!!


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