Friday, May 14, 2010

How Most Parties At The Mendozas End Up: Updated

Yup, this is how most of our parties end up. Come for the beer, leave on probation!

Bullhorns and all. Shirtless guys being chased through.

Right outside our window.
Fortunately, I was able to post bail, and able to make my shift the next day!

As aside, for those of you who run multiple sites, this one almost appeared on the Monterey Traditional Latin Mass site!

Gotta be more careful, I guess.

Update: O.K., have gotten some emails on this one already, asking what the deal is. What happened is that I really was going to work an overnight shift a couple of years back. Right around 11PM, there were a whole bunch of cops with the lights on, and they come to a stop, blocking our driveway. Apparently they chased some guy (shirtless, of course) into our driveway, and into a small grassy area right behind us. They had the guy in the back, but apparently the police were worried that there was another suspect hiding around the building.

No, I was not the shirtless guy, nor was I the other person they were looking for. The police had our driveway blocked right up until three minutes before I went in for my graveyard shift.

Good times at the Mendoza House!

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