Friday, May 7, 2010

My One Hour Oklahoma Odyssey

Back in 2007, I went to visit my friends out in Texas. They very kindly toured me around their part of the state. Since we weren't far from the Oklahoma border, we thought we'd just nip on up there and maybe have dinner in the first town we got to. Just so I could say I'd been in yet another state.The first town we came to was Hugo. Here is a view of the exciting and vibrant down town area. We noticed an inordinant number of pawn shops. After driving around for a while, we could not find even a McDonald's. So we decided to turn back to Texas. Oh, and there were tornado alerts out, too. That probably influenced our decision a bit.

The Red River's last known photo. According to my hosts, there are no fire ants north of this river. That's comforting.
I'll admit I wasn't seeing Oklahoma at its best that day. Little did I know that we would have some good friends from there someday. I hope to go back with the whole family and get a better look at the place. Maybe when there's less chance of tornados.

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