Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kramer Sighting! Fort Hunter Liggett Edition

That hard to find family has been spotted, this time in southern Monterey County.

Let's go to the evidence...

It seems like they have repainted their white van, although we cannot figure out why. It now appears to be of a beige colour. It also seems heavily armoured, and now has tracks instead of wheels.

Believability Rating: 57%. while this was a reliable sighting, it seems that this was not the Kramers. First of all, why WOULD they need tank treads on their van? Another reason this might NOT be them is that this vehicle seems too small and light-weight to be their huge van. It also appears to get better gas mileage. Is also appears to be an actual tank.

Tune in again soon for our next edition of Kramer sighting! Pictures of a secret trip to Florida reveals some suprising facts!

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