Friday, October 8, 2010

Things To Do In New Hampshire When You're Dead: Atlantic Ocean Edition

So besides apple picking, what else is there to do in New Hampshire? For such a tiny state (about 9.400 square miles, about twice the size of Monterey County, or the same size as Fresno County), it has an amazing diversity.

No really, there was tons to do, and can't all be done in one visit. Here is just a small part of what else we did in New Hampshire.

One of the things we did was escape to the next state over, Maine.

In this corner of the world, the Atlantic Ocean is just a few minutes away. So off we went to the beaches at York. According the Census Bureau, this area has less than 1% Hispanic in terms of population. Didn't see any either.

I heard from a friend that this a great spot to go surfing. Wish we could have seen someone doing that.

That is Neddick Lighthouse in the background.

For a state that has been ravaged so many times by Killer Flus, Vampires, UFO's, Clowns, Rabid Dogs, inter-dimensional predatory life-forms, it was in remarkably good condition.

Dipping one's feet in the Atlantic.

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