Monday, October 4, 2010

We Get To New Hampshire!

So you cross on over to California from Nevada, at least from the Las Vegas part, an there is no sign welcoming one to the Golden State. There are just signs saying that we recycle in this state, and that you need to put on your seat belt.

At least Hew Hampshire has a sign welcoming you to their state. Bi-lingual no less! Why can't we have bi-lingual signs in the two dominant languages of California, say Spanish and Mandarin? We have so much to learn from other places.

Such as the fact that the state government of New Hampshire sells Liquor!
Hey, is that a Kramer sighting?

So eventually we did make it to New Hampshire after visiting every single Hispanic neighbourhood in Northern Massachusetts. Here is little mini-San Juan Bautista reunion, east coast edition!

Throwing our gang symbols in New Hampshire. No cops around. Real tough with an iPad in hand.

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