Monday, October 11, 2010

Things To Do In New Hampshire When You're Dead: Bumming Around The House Edition

Well, our vacation was not all fun and games. There were serious moments as well.


It was all fun and games!

Here's proof!

Here is some of the gaming. I think at this point, they had just beat "Halo" on the Legendary setting.

Some delicious Barbecue.

Here is something one cannot get in California, Dunkin' Donuts!

Drinking beer wit' my Homies. OK, by myself.

The daughter is warned to keep an eye on her Father, making sure he does not 'act up' too much.

I took this book with me to New Hampshire in hopes that I would learn a little bit about being a Godfather. Let me tell you, I learned NOTHING about the role of a Godfather, and how the role only begins the life-long action of prayer and example.
I did learn that I should have had the enemies of my goddaughter, her parents, and my enemies whacked. At least according to this particular book. Great first two movies, though.

Our host shows off his sweet dance moves.

You can try to imitate, but you cannot beat the original.

Eventually, you just knew I would get punished for something.

Walking around the neighbourhood after dinner.

Teaching one of the kids how to knit. Just keep it up now!

"Yes, my face is funny!"

Did we mention we went apple picking? Here, some of the kids are cooking apple sauce.

Watching some Japanese animation.

So this house comes with yard care, and the gardener comes to fertilize the lawn. Didn't know who he was, or why he was doing what he was doing.

All the way across the continent, and where is the Garlic from?!

Kids love to play street Tennis!

They also like after dinner snacks.

Why, there is even time to build shelves for the schoolbooks.

Evenings are beautiful at this time of year.

There is even time to mess around right before bedtime. Tough love.
I don't thin this little girl has her license yet, but the way she is driving.
Thanks for viewing this edition of,
Things to do in New Hampshire When You're Dead!
Join us next time, when we go to Lake Winnipesauke, home to Funspot, the World's largest Arcade!

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