Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things To Do In New Hampshire When You're Dead: Chuck E. Cheese Edition

What else is there to do in New Hampshire that one cannot do in California?

Why, go to Chuck E. Cheese!

With several children between our families having birthdays in September, it was time for a birthday party!

Here is the Scary animatronic guy himself.

A frightened child runs away from Chuck E. Cheese, with a camera to capture the horror.

" Hey, the rest of the party isn't here yet, let's dance!" David Bowie, eat your heart out!
The child in the back will soon be frightened again. This time from the dancing.
Even in New Hampshire, we still manage to throw gang signs.

Our table awaits the guests and the feasting. Well, Pizza and Pop.

Here another child does his imitation of Patrick McGoohan and James Caviezel.

Sooner or later, a Mendoza was going to end up in the back of police car on this trip. Just didn't expect it to be him....
So part of this birthday package was to have Chuck E. Cheese himself come on out in between baking pizzas, and present birthday crowns to the children. they had a screen counting down, and Amanda, our party coordinator, had us cheering for Chuck E. (sounds like a Rap stage name) to come on out.

Here the children are eagerly waiting for the 6 foot rodent to come out. Later on, Amanda would lead us in a birthday cheer:
I say, "HAPPY!" you say, "BIRTHDAY!"
The single greatest moment of their lives. They will remember this moment just like Socrates reminded Crito that he owed a Rooster to Asclepius.

I say, "HAPPY!" you say, "BIRTHDAY!"
It should be noted here that even some of the adults REALLY got into this cheer!

For the birthday children, they had this enclosed space called "Ticket Blaster," where you could get hundreds of tickets to buy fake mustaches and Easy Bake Ovens. The child inside the Ticket Blaster is being encouraged and even yelled at by the other kids.

Those Horse riding lessons are coming in handy!
What else is there to do in New Hampshire?
Stay tuned for the next edition of....
Things To Do In New Hampshire When You're Dead!

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