Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things To Do In New Hampshire When You're Dead: Lake Winnipesauke Edition

One of our final stops in our whirlwind tour of Southern New Hampshire was Lake Winnipesauke.

Here is the extreme southern arm of Lake Winnipesauke. Just before we got to this point, we made a wrong turn onto a private road, and we turned back, as there was no public access to the Beach. As we are turning around, this gentleman comes up in his truck and asks us in his best Maine accent,

"Kahn I hep you?"

"Yeah we're looking for public access to the beach!"

"Not around he-yah!" and then he drove off!

Thanks, buddy.
You know, you're not going to get all that sand out of those clothes.

The fearsome Sea Creature emerges form his lair from the bottom of the lake in search of his favourite soft drink, Big Red.

One could walk out pretty far and still only be up to the knees in water.

The MS Mount Washington cruises by on the lake.

Yeah, another two cans for recycling!

The fearsome Se Creature now in search for something to eat....
Well, Lake Winnipesauke was pretty fun, and the beach we ended up at, Ellacoya State Park, had some nice views.
Do you know what town is close by Ellacoya State Beach?
Why, Laconia...
home to FUNSPOT, the World's largest Arcade!

Yes we got within three miles of this Arcade Game mecca.

Here is just part of the Classic Arcade Room.
Quite few records have been set at Funspot, including I believe two Kill Screens for Donkey Kong. If you know what we are talking about, then you are just a big a geek as us.
For more information on Funspot, visit their site at
Did we mention we were only three miles away?!
Next time! There was just too much to see and do.
Speaking of too much to do, we will wrap this series up pretty soon with a couple of more posts on why we were in the great state of New Hampshire.

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