Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Go Apple Picking In New Hampshire!

So went Apple picking the our first full day in New Hampshire, and we have to tell you, it is a beautiful state.

We were taken to one of many apple picking sites in the tri-state area. Yeah, there are apples around here, but c'mon, it was in New Hampshire!

They all looked so good!

Some needed help to reach the best ones...

But the U.S Navy had sent some of its best to help out in the effort!

Hey if you start to eat it now, you won't have to pay for it!
It was paid for.

Picking with friends.

Here, our daughter pays tribute to her favourite book cover.
"Hey, wait! Why are you hitting me! Put the Bow and Arrow down!"

Just some of the 87 pounds of Apples picked.

There were other things to pick here as well, like a pumpkin to decorate or to cook for pie...

Yeah, I went there.

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