Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! ( a few days late)

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. The Lawrences very kindly invited us over for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. Our roving photographer was there!

Tracey cooked us a fantastic dinner.
We had turkey, stuffing, and all the usual goodies.

Kranberries Kourtesy of the Kramers. We still have enough left for U.S. Thanksgiving and German re-unification day. What were you going to do with them all, Teresa?
And best of all was having a Thanksgiving completely free of parades and Christmas sales!
Thank you Lawrences, for a terrific evening!

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  1. When I bought them I was really hooked on this hot cranberry drink. I think Tracey might have a recipe for it. If not I'll dig through mine for it. I found cranberries at a not so bad price and well...bought too many...kind of like going shopping when your hungry, don't buy a lot of something when it is a craving, lol