Monday, October 26, 2009

You Want it When?

Father Milich had been working for a couple of months to bring a Solemn High Mass (a Mass with three priests) to Mission San Juan, but we didn't know for certain if it was really going to happen until last weekend. The three priests would need matching vestments. They had some gold vestments available at the mission, but the maniples were missing. The maniple is something like a sash which the priest wears over his left arm. It symbolizes how our Lord's hands were bound when he was arrested.

Since I have a sewing machine, and since the more qualified seamstress has recently moved out of state, I was given the honor of making them.

I traced around one of Father's other maniples to make a pattern, and then began cutting the interfacing.

Now for the part of sewing that always scares me the most: cutting into the fabric.

The color of the fabric was a good match for the vestments, but it was very thin and soft. To use the technical term: swishy. So I used the interfacing to help keep its shape, and give the Maniple more weight.

Three Maniples cut out, and two days before the Mass. Plenty of time, right?

A Maniple is supposed to have three crosses, one on each end, and one in the middle. Since I didn't have time to order cross shaped apliques, I used ribbon. Juan picked it out. Worked on this late Saturday night after an afternoon at the beach. There's still time!

Sunday morning and they were finished! Phew! Seen here against one of the vestments used at Mass.


  1. They look great Heather! Nice job :)No stress right? I would have been a disaster, yelling at my kids and probably throwing something :P

  2. Great job, Heather! I know you were all stressed about singing the Christus Vincit the next day, but you and June were fantastic!