Sunday, October 18, 2009

Renaissance Faire 2009

For her Birthday, Monica wanted to go to the Renaissance Faire just north of Hollister.

Let us come up with some better names for this Faire. Here are a few:

1. Come as your Favourite Dungeons and Dragons Character
2. Boobs Are Us
3. Where's Dumbledore?
4. PaganFest 2009
5. Burning Pagan (Just like Burning Man, only less Pot and Chronic, and even less Mexicans)
6. Boobstock
7. Men In Tights

We're sure there are a few others.

Right off the bat at the Entrance, Birthday Girl decides to embarass us. She goes right up to the Lady taking our tickets, and the following takes place:

Birthday Girl: "Say, is this Renaissance Faire Byzantine or Carolingian?"

Lady with Fake Tushery Accent: "My Lady, I am sure that I do not know!"

Monica was going to come back if the Lady was still there and yellout, "Carolingian!"

Let's go to the pictures!

Here is a group of wierdos...uh, I mean historical re-enactors

A.J. the iced-fruit vendor. He was almost as amusing as the show.

Apparently this guy's job was to lie passed out in the street. Sweet.

Wooden swords! Seven bucks a pop! Huzzah!

The jousting tournament. This guy was representing Scotland, but we weren't allowed to cheer for him as our section was assigned the German knight.

Our beloved A.J. frightening the non-costumed attendees. (Maybe if I just pretend to laugh he'll leave me alone!)

The French knight gets a hit on the German knight.

The mystery challenger arrives.

Celebrity Wizard, Albus Dumbledore enjoys the jousting!

Someone decides to deliver a message to Juan and frighten him by leaving a Lemon near his feet.

The Jousting champion poses with his fans.

Monica looks for ways to spend her birthday money.

After the jousting tournament, and some time spent wandering around in search of cheap souvenirs, we sat down to watch the live chess match.

Say, didn't this guy come to schola practice once?

All in all, a great time.

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