Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Mendozas go on vacation!

Let us go back in time just a bit, to the beginning of this year, when we went on vacation.

Where to go on vacation? We figured we had about a week or maybe a bit less. I figured that would be maximum we would last with each other before felony charges would be filed. Probably against Nicholas. Oh man, if only we knew what was coming in June!

Well we chose to go to the Grand Canyon. Not the new one, but Grand Canyon Classic, the original one in Arizona.

So the day is coming when we were to leave, and we find out that there is a Snow Storm just behind us, and will hit Williams, AZ right as we are getting there. We had chains, and practiced putting them on, but if things got really hairy, our alternate plan was to head south once the snow stopped us, and to go to San Diego.

So off we go!

Just outside of Bakersfield, up in the hills, we already encountered snow. A foreshadow of all the snowballs thrown. Usually by Monica at Nicholas.

See what I mean.

So there is gambling in this town? Why don't they advertise this? There might be money to be made in this....

Many a time we wish they had this here in Monterey County to handle those nights with Eddie and Ulysses.

So apparently there is a Dam right outside of Las Vegas. Dam!

Dam! That's a big Dam!

Route 66 used to run form Chicago to Los Angeles. Seligman, AZ used to be on this route, and just like in Cars, it got bypassed by the Interstate system. It has managed to live on, and there a cafe called the RoadKill Cafe. We had just eaten in Kingman, AZ otherwise we should have eaten here. Maybe next time. Been a while since my last Fried Squirrel.

The snow not too bad, even though we had severe doubts. However, it seems like it all would have worth it even if we just stayed at the Hotel playing in the snow in the parking lot. I think we might have been one family of ten guests they had. Manager says that it would have been impossible to get the room we had at even triple the price in Spring and Summer.

Playing with the snow late into the night. GO TO BED! We need to leave early tomorrow and scrape the snow off the car!

Thank God we at least had Internet Access!

Starting to snow some more.

And in the morning, this is what it looked like. Or what they call in Nebraska in winter, Tuesday.

Route 66 in the middle of Williams, AZ.

One hour later, the Grand Canyon! From Mather Point.

The Family at Mather Point, close up.

From aways now.

Just absolutely spectacular.

More snow to play havoc with the lighting!

We could just play in the parking lot snow!

On our way to Desert View.

The Mendozas at Grapevine Canyon, I think.

Can I take this home?

Desert View.

Colorado River at Desert View.

Looking East from Desert View.

Looking West down river.

The family at Moran Point.

We had all bought boots to keep warm, and to trudge around in the snow. We went down one of the trails, Bright Angel Trail, although it was listed as being slippery with all the ice. Two in our party slipped and fell. A couple of people helped them up, and looked at them. They were Japanese tourists, but one of them was dressed as a Japanese Superhero from a current Manga, and this character apparently is a guy who gets his powers from snow. I guess he decided to fly to Arizona, and dress up as this superhero, and get pictures of himself in the snow.

At one of the gift shops at the Village.

A bit of a weather system about 20 miles away.

A California Condor, seemingly just posing there for everybody. There were about half a dozen around Mather Point our last day there.

California Condor.

Bright Angel Canyon. This would have been a nice hike, even just a bit.

Arizona still calls one road Route 66.

The Fountains at Bellagio. Probably the only thing for us worth seeing in Las Vegas.

Lots of Neon.

A great time was had by all. Ready to do it again, and would like to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, too.


  1. Looks like you all had a blast :) As always nice pictures Juan. So I am thinking your next vacation should involve Florida or Maine....maybe Florida this year and Maine next year, lol :)

  2. Yeah Mendoza's when you coming to Florida - great tourist snorkeling around here!