Monday, October 26, 2009

Kramer sighting of the week! Oct19th 2009

We are beginning to suspect that some people we know are putting one over us.

They have told us and many other people that they have moved away, but we keep on seeing evidence that they in fact have not moved away. Case in point, we keep on seeing their Van. We have now taken to keep a camera close by just in case it is the Kramers.

Here is the latest sighting:

We suspected it was the Kramers. It looked like their Van, and it was near a church. We figured that they were just trying to avoid us so that we would not eat more of their food. We moved in for a closer look.

Sure looked like them!

Then on closer inspection, the driver was Mexican, or at least looked like it, and convincingly. Second of all, why would they be in Watsonville? And why would they have a sign on their van offering to take people to flu clinics?

BELIEVABILITY RATING: 72%. This actually is rather low. What brings this rating down a lot is that the Driver was Mexican. He probably still is, for all we know. Only God in his infinite Wisdom and Knowledge would know for sure.

So this sighting was a bust, but we are sure there will be ample more opportunities to go Kramer Sighting!

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